Track Cycling World Championships 25-29.03 Pruszków 2009
track proszkow 2009


29-3-2009 2009 Pruszkow WCH are a history now!


The Men’s Sprint final closed the cycling rivalry on the Pruszkow BGZ Arena velodrome, during the 2009 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, taking place between 25-29 March.

During five days of competition, 19 sets of medals were awarded to the best cyclists. Most of them went to Australians, who took home as many as 10 medals, with four golds among them. Thanks to the fastest sprinter of the world, Gregory Bauge, the second place in the medal standings was taken by the French. The British also did a good job, collecting 9 medals in Pruszkow.

Bauge, as well as Danish Alex Rasmussen, gained as many as two gold medals in the championships. Four riders, who also deserve to be singled out, are Australian Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard, British Victoria Pendleton and Lithuanian Simona Krupeckaite. Both Australians won one gold and two silvers each. Pendleton will take home the whole range of medals (gold, silver and bronze). As for Krupeckaite, apart from her one gold and two bronze medals, her performance will go down in the history of the BGZ Arena velodrome, as she established a new world record in the 500 metres TT.

As far as the results of the Polish national team are concerned, the hosts didn’t manage to win any medals. Part of the team rode below their capabilities, whereas some others achieved the best times of their lives.

It should be highlighted that, the BGZ Arena velodrome turned out, as expected, to be a very fast, if not the fastest, track all over the world. The organisers of the event deserve special praise, as the championships went according to the plan and without any disturbance.

At the end, during the closing ceremony, Wojciech Walkiewicz, the chairman of the Polish Cycling Federation and the President of the European Cycling Union, passed the UCI flag to the representative of the Danish Federation, as next year, the championships will take place in Copenhagen.
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